Here's what happens first. I show up in my truck and then we talk. Or grab coffee from Zebra House. Or stop at Sancho's for a taco. Then we discuss your real estate needs. Are you looking to buy? Or are you looking to sell? Possibly invest or lease? Whatever the case may be, in the end...we get your deal done! Call us (949) 573-0143. 

How We Market:

Our marketing campaigns are carefully crafted to cater to the top selling points of each and every one of our listings. We bring in our team of professional photographers once homes are staged, cleaned, and ready to hit the market. We are talking drones. Sunset photos. The works. Once we have the photos edited and in hand, we personally design every mailer, flyer, and piece of advertising material that will be used to market the property. We regularly launch listings with an event or grand open house, depending on the specifics of the property.  In addition to building as much hype and momentum for a listing before we hit the market, we utilize our social media channels to push the property out to tens of thousands of local and international markets. (For more information on our social media channels, check out @downtownsanclemente). We regularly advertise in our local news outlets, such as the San Clemente Times. In addition to targeted print ads, with C21 Award all of our listings are syndicated to over 500 different websites that are viewed all around the world.

Once we start marketing your home every single person you know....even the ones you aren't too fond of will know you listed with The Leisz Team. 

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